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Virgil is a Navajo Native American painter. He uses vibrant colors, sacred Native American symbology and red rock mesas. His images also contain ufo imagery because when he was a young boy he had a close encounter with an alien spaceship over one of the mesas when he was wondering on his ranch land in Pinon AZ. The longer you look at one of his paintings the more hidden images and connections you see and the more you understand. 

Each painting has a unique story to tell.

Painters Words

"My name is Virgil J. Nez, I am an indigenous impressionist artisan in North America. I am Dinè coming out of White Valley, Northern Arizona.

As a little boy I was always attracted to the painted designs of Anasazi on broken pottery. The carvings on the cliffs created by the Anasazi inspired me. The impressionistic style of painting was done by the Anasazis and it predates Vincent Van Gogh.

1982, I graduated from Northern Arizona University where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After 1991, I started traveling to display my work at Native American Art Markets; Scottsdale, Santa Fe, Heard Museum, Sharlott Hall Museum, Navajo Shows and others.

Currently, I am staying close to home in Many Farms, Arizona. My styles of painting have changed throughout time. My paintings have slowed down a lot; its finer. I love to disappear in my own creations.

I have won my share of awards in the Art World. I don’t compete much now a days, I rather let the younger artists win prizes.

I believe I paint through the hands of my ancestors. I hope I live long enough to complete more paintings and tap into other dimensions."



The Art of

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